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I simply asked my clients to share what they think about my sessions - and me! Call me a risk taker but here are their unedited comments :-)


​“I've been working with Kasia for years through 'getting back into fitness', 'staying fit' and now 'staving off the horrible menopause thing'. She is fab and understands more than just fitness aspects. She helps, guides  and supports the whole person."
Sian, Strawberry Hill


“I've been going to Kasia's Barre class for over a year and I absolutely love it. Ive never stuck to a class before but I look forward to her class every week. Kasia is motivational and you literally find yourself smiling throughout the class!”​
Keeley, Twickenham


“I've been working out with Kasia for a few years now (Legs, Bums and Tums class) and it's the most fun, supportive, inspiring and varied class I've ever done. Kasia is so motivational and has created a community of ladies who enjoy working out together in small groups.”​
Jane, Twickenham


“Kasia has a wonderful way of making training fun! She is my personal trainer and she has pushed me hard over the past year or so but it has been really enjoyable and I'm definately feeling fitter. I love the fact that she tests me every few weeks as it's proof that the training is working! She is a great motivator and great all round value for money. I am lucky to have found her.”​
Toni, Chiswick


“I'm in my early 50's, overweight and haven't exercised for years!!! I was terrified for our first PT session. Kasia's enthusiasm and belief in getting me to see my goals as achievable is incredible. I am enjoying the sessions, I'm already feeling fitter and making better choices in what I drink and eat too. I know that she is as committed as I am to getting me back to the me I want to be.”​
Allison, Whitton


“Fitness and wellbeing were always a passion of mine and I absolutely love music and dancing, however as i became busier in my life”​, exercising dropped lower and lower on my very long to do list. Kasia's classes and personal training sessions have revived me, I feel alive again and rarely miss a class! Her fun upbeat nature makes exercising even more enjoyable and I have made some lifelong friends through her various classes. Working out has now become the top of my list and the rest will have to wait! Thank you Kasia for reintroducing me to my adrenaline rushes in the morning, I love it!”
Tas, Teddington


“Kasia worked me hard, and I always got a well thought out and systematic work through out the whole body. She works really hard at ensuring that no 2 sessions were the same, and was constantly introducing me to new exercises. She also works hard at keeping up to date with fitness trends and new gadgets to work out with. She is great fun and we laughed a lot too ...
Kirsty, St Margarets


“Love Kasia's classes. I never not want to go which has never happened before. So much encouragement and such lovely people. Feel like I have a whole new bunch of friends. All classes are so welcoming. Kasia's energy just glows.
Ruth, Twickenham


“I've been coming to Kasia's exercise classes weekly for three years now and my only complaint is that I wish I could come more often! The classes are always fun, varied and challenging and I feel much fitter as a result. Kasia is an inspiring, motivating and dedicated trainer who always gives 100% to her classes and I have made some wonderful new friends along the way. I would recommend to anyone!
Fleur, Twickenham


“Great fun and a brilliant workout. Step on a Friday and barre on a Sunday - both of Kasia's classes are addictive - however hard it is to walk afterwards we all come back for more! 
Helen, Twickenham


“I walk away with such energy and positive feelings that enhance who we are. Kasia - your dedication to us all women, sisters, aunties, mums and grandmothers is beautiful! You inject us with essential goodness our minds and bodies crave for! What better ingredient than a Saturday morning workout with your friend?! 
Anna, Strawberry Hill


“I love Kasia's Bootcamp. Kasia's passion, energy and creativity inspire me to push myself to new limits. No class is ever the same, the music is fab and I don't know how Kasia manages it, but she makes hard work fun! 
Kirsten, Twickenham


“Kasia's classes are the best! Fun, varied and challenging. I've lost weight, toned up and made some good friends. Bootcamp helps me to release the pressure of being a working mum.
Olivia, Strawberry Hill


“Not only are Kasia's training sessions always fun, but after a few you can actually feel your energy levels increase and see the changes in your body.
Lucy, St Margarets


“I love Kasia's barre classes and personal training sessions. She gives 110% and no two sessions are ever the same.Her energy is brilliant and she makes training great fun!
Lisa, Teddington


“I am not a gym person but Kasia somehow gets me to complete an exciting workout and I look forward to coming back the next week. In 3 years no two workouts have ever been the same so there's no danger of getting used to the moves or being bored. Simply put, Kasia is an exceptional trainer.
Ehime, Osterley


“I've been doing BarreConcept with Kasia since she started at Holy Trinity. She is such an amazing teacher - always works us hard but makes it fun and inclusive. I really look forward to the classes - it's a great end to the evening.
Wendy, Twickenham


“Kasia is so passionate about what she does and really cares about supporting you through your fitness journey. Every training session is different so I never get bored. She challenges me to improve and to achieve things I never thought I would be able do do including the Ride London 100 mile bike ride in 2022! T
Paula, Whitton

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